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    Post Brow Shaping: if you tried Henna Tinting today, please keep brows makeup, tan & water free for at least 24 hours post appointment. With regular tinting you are fine to wash your face and apply makeup as normal – just steer clear of fake tan on the brow area for 24 hours to avoid any colour changing mishaps!

    Post Lash Lift: It is super important to keep lashes dry of any water, sweat, mascara and oils for at minimum 24 hours! Lashes may also appear a little clumpy and heavy and not as eye opened as first expected. This is because part of the process is applying a ultra nourishing Keratin treatment to lashes to strengthen and maintain lash quality. Lashes will have best results 24 hours post treatment post first rinse. Any concerns regarding results please contact 0426-522-075 no later than 7 days post appointment so we can ensure lashes are perfect and you are 100% happy.

    We trust you leave Bella Brows feeling rejuvenated and happy with your service & experience. As a small & growing business we appreciate all feedback! Google & Facebook reviews help us so much and we would appreciate you taking a moment to leave a glowing comment!

    If for whatever reason the experience or result was not 100% what you were hoping to receive we would love to rectify this and make sure you are 100% happy. Please email Isabella directly on isabella@bellabrows.com.au or call the studio and request to speak to management. We are only happy if our clients are happy so do not hesitate to reach out!

    If you did rebook in studio, thank-you & we can’t wait to see you again soon!

    If you needed to check your schedule or wanted to book in online below is a link to book in on your mobile or computer. Remember we can respond to texts usually a bit quicker than returning a phone call or email as we can get back to you in between clients so feel free to save our number in your phone for convenience: 0426522075

    Brows we recommend to come back between 4-6 weeks with tint touch ups in between if you find your brows love a bit of colour!

    Lash Lifts should last 8-10 weeks with follow up appointments no sooner than 8 weeks.

    I personally find a lash tint at 4 weeks really picks up my lift and gives life to my lashes!

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